Monday, April 20, 2009


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This ad from Patek Philippe is strangely chilly. The use of black-and-white makes it distant, and the position of the two models shows a total lack of warmth -- Dad is tilted away from Biff, while Biff's slouch is vaguely menacing. But the worst part of it is his expression.

What They Think The Ad Says
Dad: Son, this watch -- and gray hair implying wealth, slightly open shirt proving virility, and tilted posture of insouciant retirement -- will someday be yours, along with the cuff links.

Biff: Oh Dad, may you live forever, for while I am a strong young buck, I can never replace you.

What The Ad Actually Says
Dad: Son, this watch I'm not looking at, along with the cuff links, rattling around at the bottom of the page in a box full of a shade of brown rejected by the UPS Teamsters in their last contract, will someday be yours, even though you are clearly a product of your mother and her voice coach.

Biff: Dad, I totally am trying to figure out how to tell you that I crashed your BMW, called your wife a skanky ho to her face, and got the maid pregnant, all in the last seven minutes.

Spotted: NYT Magazine

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