Monday, April 27, 2009


The Engineer: Why is this a bad ad?

Me: Look at it! It's got way too many things going on. We have a model swooping in front of a skyline, which you can't see, because it's got this mass of cotton plants in front of it. The lighting and colors are cold. She looks like she's freezing.

The Engineer: Are you kidding? It looks nice and warm. And look at those big puffy bolls of cotton.

Me: They're not puffy, they're full of sticks and poky things!

The Engineer: No, they look soft. And she's in a soft sheet.

Me: I -- what? No! If you're going to show cotton you shouldn't show is with a bunch of pieces in it! It's terrible! And don't prop it up in front of a skyline on a windy day! This is a terrible ad!

The Engineer: I think it's a nice ad.

Me: Cotton should say soft and comfortable -- and you can have a high-fashion cotton ad, but not wrapped in a bedsheet and with your finest feature, something soft, full of twigs and sticks in front of the New York skyline.

Spotted: New York Times Magazine

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